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A New Life

Lord Iím ready for a new life to begin,
Iím tired of the old life for itís so filled with sin.
I want to rid my guilt and shame, my selfishness and pride,
Surrender everything to You and let You be my guide.

I long for You to set me free from these heavy chains
Break them lose and calm my soul and take away my pains.
Please keep on reminding me that no matter what I face
You will always hold me close and all my fears erase.

Some days my old life will sneak back for Satanís trying hard,
To pull me far away from You, so Jesus be my guard.
I know that You will never leave but sometimes I am weak
And I need You to cover me with strength week after week.

Please remind me Jesus at the start of each new day,
That you are there beside me and Youíll help me not stray.
Please show me how to my life, a life thatís pure and true,
Cause Lord Iím ready to begin a new life filled with You.

Nancy Burr

Free To Be Me

Oh Lord please heal my broken heart
Please take away this pain.
I feel so torn up inside
Each day is such a strain.
Please reach down and rescue me
So I donít fall apart.
I need You Lord so please stay close
And mend this shattered heart.

Each day is such a battle Lord
But Iíve no strength to fight.
I know that Satanís hard at work
Pulling with all his might.
But Jesus You are all I need
So please help me get through.
Please fight this battle for me Lord
And bring me back to You.

I do not know who I am Lord,
Iím lost and so afraid.
Somehow I just stopped trusting you,
Now my life is what I made.
I long to know just who You made
Just who Iím suppose to be.
So please dear Jesus, please show me
The person that You see.

You are the Potter; Iím the clay
So mold my life for You.
Please dear Lord create in me
A heart thatís pure and true.
To live new life the old must die
So take that part I plea.
Give me new life and freedom Lord
So Iím free to be me.

Nancy Burr