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Heal My Broken Heart


Lord I need some time alone
Just to spend with You.
I’m overwhelmed cause I can’t find
The strength to get me through.
I know I need to trust in You
When sadness covers me.
But I feel numb and so confused,
Please help me Lord I plea.

Each day I ask that You would please
Heal my broken heart.
But Lord it just seems to get worse
My world is torn apart.
I don’t know what I’m doing Lord
I don’t know what to say.
All I know is that I’m sad
And the pain won’t go away.

So much pain and sorrow Lord,
Makes me feel sick inside.
Out of control is how life feels
And it makes me want to hide.
But there’s no place where I can go,
Where I feel safe from harm.
So please dear Jesus let me hide
Inside Your loving arms.

When I’m inside Your loving arms
I feel safe and warm.
I feel like I can cope again.
And forget about the storm.
But I know when I leave this place
I’ll surely fall apart.
So please take all my cares and fears
And the pain that fills my heart.
Please teach me how to live my life
Where You are in control.
And show me how to trust in You
So my life can be whole.
Sometimes I just can’t see the path
That’s right in front of me.
So be my guide and help me see
I pray down on my knee.

Nancy Burr



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