Special Friend
When you feel sad my special friend.
I wish you joy that will never end.
When everything is going wrong.
I'll ask the Lord to make you strong.
When you feel like you just can't cope.
I pray you feel God's awesome hope.
When giving up is easy to do,
I pray your faith will get you through.
When you're lonely, I wish you love,
The kind that comes from God above.
When you are down and feeling stressed,
In His loving arms you will find rest.
When your pain leaves and you feel strong,
I'll sing the Lord a thank-you song.
When you feel joy beyond compare,
I'll thank the Lord for answered prayer.
When clear blue skies fill up your day,
I'll give Him praise for guiding your way.
In joy or sorrow He's there for you,
No matter what He'll get you through.
For you each day I'll say a prayer,
It's the best way I can show I care.
You my friend are special to me,
And each day I'll be on my knee.

Nancy Burr