I've Thought About You

Hey my friend it's been awhile,
Since I took the time to see you smile.

I see you each day but never say hi,
It seems like I'm always just running by.

So how are you doing today my friend?
My prayers for you did not end.

I asked the Lord each day in prayer,
To show you that He'll always care.

I asked him to fill your days with hope,
And to give you His strength on days you can't cope.

I prayed He'd shine His love on you,
And wrap His arms around you too.

Sometimes I'm busy but I want to share,
That you are special and I'll always care.

So next time you're feeling down and depressed,
Remember I'm praying that you will find rest.

I've thought about you a lot my friend,
And to God above many prayers I send.

Hey my friend it's been awhile,
And I'm looking forward to seeing your smile.

Nancy Burr

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