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I will Praise You Lord, with all my heart. I will
  tell of all the marvelous things You have done.
Psalm 9:1





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Hi everyone! Welcome!  I am so excited that you stopped by for a visit.

For those of you who have never visited Surrendering To God before I'm so glad you are here. STG is a site filled with Chrisitan poetry. I love sharing about God and His love through poetry. There are poems about prayer, faith, hope, love, encouragement, holiday poetry plus many more. All the poems on this site were written by me. I started writing about 16 years ago and then in 2003 I created STG's first website. STG has moved many times since then but I'm happy to say we are not moving anymore.  

If you have a Christian poetry site or a Christian site of any kind and would like to exchange links with me please contact me.  I am always looking for new linking partners. 


Once you have had a chance to take a look around and maybe read a few of my poems I'd really apprecaite it if you would sign my guestbook. I'd  love to hear what you think about my site and/or poems. 



If you are interested in using any of my poems please contact me first. (remove the asterisk in email address before sending)  You must always keep my name with the poem and if using it on your website link it back to my site.  Also please do not add my poems to a site that is not your own site. Thanks so much. I really do apprecaite all of you who ask first.


My soul finds rest in God alone.
Psalm 62:1


Thanks for visiting!

I hope you'll come back again soon!



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